Xbox One Versus PS4: What It All Comes Down To

e3After last week’s reveal at E3, I wasn’t upset at the new XBOX ending the sharing of used games nor was I mad at its restrictive DRM policies. I rarely share my games with friends and I hardly ever trade them in at the store (I’m sentimental that way), and I typically don’t buy a game unless I plan on keeping it. Microsoft is taking a step towards the way Steam works right now. The online check-in didn’t bother me either, because most casual and serious gamers typically have a consistent internet connection. However, hearing about the back-pedaling that Microsoft performed two days ago didn’t ruffle my feathers either.

After this past week of uproar, if you’re still wondering what console to buy later this year, allow me to help you a little. Starting off, when I looked at the specs of each console, I noted that they both have nearly identical hardware specs; both have a version of DDR3 RAM, 500 GB of hard-drive space, and the same graphics capabilities. As a gamer, I do like to know what my prospective consoles are fully capable of, let’s note the differences between our front-running consoles:

Xbox One

-          The Xbox One will come with an updated and advanced model of the Kinect, while PS4 has not revealed that anything will be different with their Eye.

-          This will be a true All-In-One Xbox, with the capabilities to browse the web, listen to the radio, and watch Netflix or Blu-Ray discs. Oh yeah, and you can play games on it too. PS4 will have pretty much the same media capabilities as the PS3.

-          Microsoft has also said that they will be increasing the number of their servers dedicated to gaming from 15,000 to 300,000. Wow. This increase is to accommodate one of the new features of the XBOX One: The ability to share a recorded video of your own gameplay footage.

PlayStation 4

-          The biggest initial difference between the PS4 and the Xbox One is price. The One will be $499 while the PS4 will only be $399. Note that the PS4 will not be including the Eye in the console package, although sources say that the Eye will be only an additional $59.

-          While the PS4 and One contain nearly identical hardware, the PS4 will have slightly better graphics due to the fact that the XBOX will be dedicating part of its system to its Media-capabilities that will constantly run in the background. However, this does mean that the media parts of the PS4 will run much slower and loading times will likely be longer.

-          While the Xbox One has updated its controller, it’s essentially the same. The PS4’s controller now has a touch pad for more interactivity and ease-of-use while navigating outside of games.

So there you have it folks. My suggestion? Base your choice on the games you enjoy and how much of a gamer you really are. If you’re only a casual gamer and don’t have a series of games that you HAVE TO PLAY (like Final Fantasy or Halo) then go with the XBOX. It will have the capability of being more than just a gaming system. Conversely, if you’re heavily influenced by what games will come out on each console, look at the series and decide what’s more important to you: Would you rather play Quantic Dream’s Beyond: Two Souls or Bungie’s Destiny?

I’ve given you the main differences between these two Next-Gen consoles, now it’s your turn to make the final decision.

Besides, if the decision is too much pressure for you, you could always just buy the Wii-U.

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